Crown Data Systems recognizes the importance of support from the moment you become a customer. We understand that the successful installation and ongoing support of our products are an integral part of our success. A team of dedicated professionals stand ready to help via our hot-line phone support. Since our first installation in 1997, we have placed a high priority in listening to our customers and learning what it takes to maintain a high level of satisfaction.

Installation and Training

Professionals in our support department are here to help you with all aspects of your installation. With a knowledgeable staff experienced in the freight industry, we can help guide you in gathering the information needed to go live when implementing new technologies. For example, when first installing Crown Freight Manager, we set up the data for your company including customers, drivers, rates and other information in advance of our visit to your facility. We work with you to cover all the aspects of the systems, including your operating system and hardware, in preparation to go live.

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