Pacific Logistics™ (PLC) Seeking Crown Agents with Superior Technology

Pacific Logistics™ (PLC) Seeking Crown Agents with Superior Technology Image


A partner of Crown, PLC is a tech savvy company. PLC’s technological innovations were developed around the specific needs and requests of their customers. “Working with agents on the new Crown Connect 3 (CC3) platform is very efficient,” says Linda Witt, Director of National Service for PLC. “With a single login we can toggle between our Crown agents anywhere in the U.S. to view shipment status/PODs, Images, notes, and more. Adding the EDI 214’s, 211’s and 210’s makes it even better!"

"Given two agents in the same market, I will go with an agent offering CC3 and EDI every time,” adds Linda. “This is a new initiative to only partner with agents utilizing Crown software. We recently integrated with Crown via EDI and will be seeking these agents a lot more.”

Headquartered in Pico Rivera, California, Pacific Logistics Corp offers shippers Air Freight, Ground Transport, Warehousing, and other customized freight services. Founded in 1999, Pacific Logistics™ was built from the ground up by seasoned industry veterans with one simple goal of building logistics services around the customer’s needs: To deliver superior, finely tailored services that help shippers stay agile, competitive, high-achieving, and profitable.