Five Reasons to Choose Crown Data Systems

Five Reasons to Choose Crown Data Systems Image


There are dozens of important items and details to consider when looking to purchase a software package for your air freight trucking company. Measuring the pros and cons of each software option can be overwhelming, leaving you up in the air as to which air freight software is going to be best for your business.

So why should you choose Crown Data Systems? Having been in business for almost 20 years, Crown knows the ins and outs of the industry. In fact, our software package was initially designed for our owner’s own air freight trucking company – meaning we know exactly how your business works and what software solutions we can provide to help it run more efficiently.

Need more convincing? Check out the top five reasons why you should trust your air freight trucking business to the software solutions provided by Crown Data Systems.

1. Innovative Solutions

We don’t wait for the issues to arise – we seek out the trends and begin developing solutions before products become outdated or redundant. By conducting regular check in’s with our customers, we can predict the direction our software developers should be heading.

2. Customer Support

Our highly trained technical support team is equipped to handle your questions and issues with ongoing Crown customer support. After a thorough initial training and set up, Crown’s support staff is on hand to help you utilize our software to the fullest extent. From informative webinars to YouTube training videos, annual user’s conferences and more, Crown strives to offer the highest level of customer support.

3. Customizable Features

Your Crown system is built to suit your business. Customize everything from rate tables to the logo on your login screen – Crown also offers custom programming to accommodate even the toughest of requests.

We also accommodate systems of all sizes - whether you’re a large operation running one hundred trucks per day, or a smaller, one to two driver operation. Crown features software packages to suit your business, from web based systems to robust in-house programs, Crown can simplify and expedite your day to day business.

4. Closing The Loop

With the new Dock Manager application tying in to our dispatch software and Crown Mobile drive application, Crown closes the loop in the shipment process. Now you can have up to the minute updates, full visibility from pickup to delivery and real time feedback to tell you where your freight is.

5. EDI Partners

The key to our communications is our extensive list of EDI partners. With Crown you can send and receive shipment status updates, including signatures and signed POD’s, from the biggest forwarders in the industry. Our EDI partners are the backbone of our communication network, and we are working to constantly add and expand our list of available forwarders.