Fastrucking and Air Support Expand Service Footprint through Crown-to-Crown E-services

Fastrucking and Air Support Expand Service Footprint through Crown-to-Crown E-services Image


How can you expand your service territory without taking on the costs of a new facility, new vehicles, and added personnel? A couple of Crown customers show the way.

Air Support, Inc. (PHX, TUS, OLS) and Fastrucking (SAN, LAX, IPL, YUM, PHX, TUS, OLS, ABQ, ELP, LRD) have partnered, under the name Straightline, to do just that. Leveraging Crown-to-Crown E-services, Straightline efficiently joins their service areas of Southern California and Arizona via electronic shipment and status communications. Their customers benefit from the larger service geography and single point of contact Straightline is able to provide.

With Crown-to-Crown E-service, Fastrucking and Air Support are sending electronic pick-up and delivery electronic alerts to each other and receive electronic acceptances back. While each company's freight is in transit, their partner receives statuses like Recovered and Transferred on pick-ups and On-Hand and Out for Delivery and POD on deliveries, automatically and in real time. Electronic document images--including signatures--are sent between the companies through Crown-to-Crown E-services as well.

“Partnering with Air Support has enabled us to better service our shipping customers' requirements,”
says Jeff Rhodes, President, Fastrucking.

"In essence, we have nearly doubled the size of our coverage leveraging our partnership with Air Support.”


In business since 2000, Fastrucking has decades of experience in understanding the demands of the transportation and logistics industry and has processed and delivered more than 2 million orders for their valued customers.

Founded in 1970, Air Support is the largest cartage operation in the state of Arizona. Through the leadership of founder Brent Brewer and his son Brent, Air Support embraced technology early on, with a clear vision for the future and its important role in the company's success.

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