Customers from Across the Country Attend Crown's 2018 Users Conference in Atlanta

Customers from Across the Country Attend Crown's 2018 Users Conference in Atlanta Image


Crown hosted its third Users Conference in September. Customers from across the country attended the event held in Atlanta and exchanged ideas, expanded their Crown-system knowledge base and networked with industry peers. The two-day conference, designed around the theme Knowledge = Power, provided attendees with a multitude of business-strengthening sessions such as “How to Get Paid” through the billing process, “Industry Trends” and their impact, and “How to Generate New Business Opportunities through Crown (C2C)”.

Attendee feedback indicated that this is a must-attend Crown event for most, with comments ranging from “Great conference with so much information that is helpful” to “Overall, great year. I have come the last 3 years and I feel this year was the best year.”

Thank you to all attendees who joined us, many for the third consecutive conference!

New EDI Partners & Connections

New Forwarder EDI Partners:

  • CEVA - EDI 204/211 Alerts
  • EA Logistics - EDI 214 Statuses/PODs
  • Kintinsu - EDI 214 Statuses/PODs
  • Non Stop - EDI 204/211 Alerts
  • Non Stop - EDI 214 Statuses/PODs
  • Perimeter Global (PGL) - EDI 204/211 Alerts
  • Perimeter Global (PGL) - EDI 214 Statuses/PODs

EDI new Additions with Existing Partners :

  • Steven Global - EDI 210 Invoices
  • Estes - EDI Images

Crown Mobile 2: Performance Enhancements

Since the release of Crown Mobile 2 , drivers are equipped with more functionality to meet the challenges of both Crown users and their freight forwarding/3PL customers. Simply put, Crown Mobile 2 continues to provide more timely, accurate and reliable shipment information to and from the drivers in the field.

Key Feature Enhancements Include:

  • New shipments now display on Crown Mobile in the same order they were manifested in Crown
  • Ability for on-site driver to email consignee copy of signature via e-Doc
  • Ability to POD multiple shipments arriving at the same destination
  • Recording GPS Points when multi-PODing Shipments at destination
  • Added customer name to shipment listing and ability to sort by customer
  • Added support for associating a signature capture image to multiple shipments via multi-POD

If you are a Crown customer and your company has not updated to Crown Mobile 2, please contact the support team at [email protected]for assistance.

Soon To Be Released: Crown Connect 3 and Online Quoting

Built on 21st-century web technology, Crown Connect 3 is intended to be a modern platform for managing transportation business. As part of Crown Connect 3, Online Quoting and Booking will be available to all CFM Crown users. Forwarders and shippers will have live shipment quoting, direct booking, and BOL-printing available to them on the web. With the new online platform, users will see enhancements to status information, document sharing, shipment search and visibility.

Online quoting and the Crown Connect system help shippers/forwarders and truckers/service providers get business done much quicker and with greater ease. Crown Connect is tied directly into service providers' Crown Freight Manager system, giving users/forwarders/shippers real-time, accurate information. Crown Connect 3 is currently in beta testing and is scheduled to be released by the end of the first quarter, 2019.

Crown Moves Corporate HQ to New Offices in Cheektowaga, NY

After 10 years in Amherst, Crown is relocating its corporate headquarters to a new building designed with its growing team in mind. The 5,000 square foot building filled with natural light with an open layout was designed to create an environment of solution-driven collaboration and ongoing ideation. According to Crown’s founder and CEO, Mike King, “Crown’s new home office will provide our valued team members with a fresh and dynamic environment, as well as offer a workspace which will attract the best talent in our industry.”

Crown’s new address was sent to all customers earlier this year. Please update your records if still needed: 3795 Broadway, Cheektowaga, NY 14227


Did You Know?

With Crown Mobile 2 your drivers can capture signatures on phones or tablets by:

  • Capturing the raw signature using a stylus to then be transposed to your customers' shipment BOL or send to Crown Connect for viewing
  • Sending an image of an unsigned BOL for the consignee to sign via stylus and send to your shipping customers via EDI
  • Capturing the photo of the signed BOL to send via EDI