Crown Connect 3 Successfully Deployed

Crown Connect 3 Successfully Deployed Image


If you have not already migrated to Crown's new shipment tracking and customer service portal, you will want to do so as soon as possible. Crown Connect 3 is built using the latest web technologies and is on our secure Microsoft Azure platform for reliability and security. It is a significant improvement compared to Crown Connect 2 and will give your customers a friendlier, better experience.

Crown Connect 3 aims to lighten your customer service workload, including taking care of shipment quotes. Put CC3 to use today and let us know how we can improve it and help your company at the same time.

Crown Connect 3 includes a Quick Track Widget as a standard and a Quick Quote Widget for CC3 Quoting and Booking subscribers. These widgets get embedded in your website and allow any visitor to get live shipment and quote information. The widgets can be styled to match your site exactly. You can add to your company's service offerings and let Crown update and maintain the features you offer.

As we have mentioned in previous communications, Crown Connect 2 will be disabled in the coming months. Why wait? Move to Crown Connect 3 today! To receive more information about CC3 please click here to contact our sales team: Crown Sales Team