What is EDI? Electronic Data Interchange is the computer-to-computer exchange of routine shipment data between trucking agents and their forwarder/3PL customers in standard data formats.

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  • Electronic order alerts sent to trucking company’s computerized dispatch.
  • Electronic alert acceptance sent to shipper’s computer.
  • On hand, out for delivery and POD delivery statuses sent to shipper.
  • Scanned images sent directly into shipper’s computer system.
  • Electronic invoices sent directly into shipper’s computer system.
  • As shipment statuses such as recovered/transferred on pick- ups and out-for-delivery/POD on deliveries are updated in Crown, the statuses are electronically sent to shipper’s computer system in near real-time.
  • Eliminate or reduce unnecessary phone, fax and email communication between you and your forwarder/3PL customers.
  • Eliminate or reduce the manual entry of new shipment alerts into your Crown system with electronic receipt of orders.

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